Design house

We partner with our customer to build design & produce custom products for your application needs. With our active updates on Technology innovation at component level we can help reduce time to build of design

Our reference design is built on objectives based on the inputs of market & customer specifications

We provide block level engagement / POC EVK / Prototype & Production support

Our Rapid prototyping ensures quick POC of customer design concept & help reduction in time to design build

We ensure that the product required is delivered within the accepted schedule with the customized solution & serve as the right organization to be contacted for OEM


Our Vision

  • ElektroXEN will build & custom Electronics Design & Manufacturing for customers
  • Focus on components level promotion / Support / Improve TAM SAM
  • Providing Technical support in development for customers.
  • Work closely with our customers R&D for improving the development cycle.
  • Bill of materials cost optimization.
  • Component’s selection & Reference design support.
    Components sourcing for proto build.
  • Firmware and tools support.
  • Conducting tech days and Expo.

Services we offer

Schematic design

In the schematic design a suitable reference model in accordance with the requested project is found to block level the components involved & optimized.
Beginning phase where the suitable components are identified and their efficiency is evaluated.

PCB Layout

Using layout the PCB design process combines component placement and routing to define electrical connectivity on a manufactured circuit board. We carry out the PCB layout design in three stages:

Component Placement
PCB Routing
ECAD-MCAD Integration

PCB Fabrication

PCB fabrication is the process or procedure that transforms a circuit board design into a physical structure based upon the specifications provided in the design package.

BOM Selection/Generation

Bill of Materials Selection/Generation is the process of selecting the required components needed for a project development. It involves finding out the different providers in the market and narrowing down to the best provider of that component which will be suitable for the project.

BOM Optimization

Bill of Materials optimization is the process of optimizing the selected resources/components efficiently such that they come within the specified budget as requested by the customer and also carry out the tasks that are needed to be performed.

Alpha Proto Build

The Alpha prototype is the initial attempt at designing and fabricating the product to meet the Product Requirements Specification (PRS). It is also the first attempt at making it look like the final product and work like the final product. The iterative process of designing and building the Alpha prototype will provide the guidance for the next stage.

Firmware development

Systems firmware is what adds functionality to hardware devices. In Firmware Development, engineers work close to the hardware on which their software runs. Because of this, Firmware Engineers tend to have more intimate knowledge of digital circuit design, hardware clock signals, timing diagrams, and a bunch of other hardware technologies.

Pilot Prototype demo

The pilot prototype demo phase is where the refinements from the Beta prototype verification and validation testing are incorporated into the design and into the production process. The design transfer to manufacturing and the implementation of the quality management system is done for pilot production.

We design, manufacture, test, distribute, and provide services for electronic assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For volume production we support to serve component to EMS for production build.

Test boards

Build test fixture essentially a contraption that allows to test a board Automated Board Test describes a test method for modern electronics, using the intelligence of built-in circuits. It allows digital, static test of pins and networks. Functional tests can also be integrated.

Box Build

Box build includes all the other assembly work involved in an electromechanical assembly, other than the production of the printed circuit board. A box build is also sometimes called, “systems integration.”

Harness Assembly

A Wire Harness, also known as a cable harness or harness assembly, is a grouping of wires, cables, or subassemblies designed to transmit signals or electrical power.

Enclosure Design

While the power of a hardware product comes from its internal components, a product is typically recognized by its enclosure, the outer shell that encloses electronic products, making them appealing and user-friendly.

Proto 3D Support

3D prototyping is not only limited to 3D printing. It actually refers to a process of iterating through a design by quickly manufacturing physical prototypes and making small changes at each step to improve it. In this way minor errors can be identified and rectified before the production phase thus saving huge overheads.
Process flow.

Our Offices

We are headquartered with a centralized warehouse in Chennai and have sales branches across the country.

To support our overseas customers, we have our sales offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.