Battery Management System


Due to their high efficiency and high energy density, lithium-ion batteries have been adopted for mobile electronic devices and electric vehicles. They have been increasingly used further for various applications, such as small mobility vehicles (electric motorcycles, golf carts, etc.), stationary batteries for HEMS (Home Energy Management System), trucks/buses, and industrial machinery. However, they have risks of fire hazard and electric shock if being used incorrectly. In order to use the highly efficient lithium-ion batteries safely and effectively, a battery management system (BMS) is needed. Among the BMS, technologies of the battery capacity estimation and malfunction detection are important.


  • 14-Cell Monitoring and Balancing
  • Cell Balancing up to 300mA
  • Current, Voltage and Temperature Measurement
  • Directly drives power from Battery Pack
  • Over / Under Voltage, Current Protection
    Suitable for different Cell Chemistry (0-5V)
  • Current measurement +/-1000Amps
    MOSFET Shield up to 200A