Traction Motor Control(Active)


NXP S32K based scalable motor control AEC-Q100 qualified 32-bit solution Design targeted for automotive & high reliability motor control application. It is Scalable Hardware & software with multiple performance feature Integrated solution / Ultra-low power / Best performance / Software Support.


  • Modular design 1KW to 10KW.
  • Customizable FOC & Hall based trapezoidal capability.
  • Interface for the absolute position sensor
  • Multilevel programmable throttle map
  • Forward Reverse Rotation
  • Flux Weakening to support 2x rated speed of the motor at the same power level
  • Programmable regeneration capability upto 40A DC bus current.
  • Programmable throttle map to calibrate to vehicle specifications
  • DC bus current limiting to offer an economy mode of operation
  • Speed limiting feature to limit the maximum speed of operation
  • CAN 2.0 A/B with UDS and Bootloader