Solar and Renewable Management

Smart Start Stage:
    During start of charge cycle 3% of the battery capacity
  • Current ~3A for 100Ah - Used to charge the batteries for 5 minutes
  • Help battery acid to settle for the charge
HRC Stage:
    Involves with High Rate Current at 10% of the Ah (10A for 100Ah)
  • Charger will be in CC until the voltage reaches typically 2.33V per cell
  • (For 12V. 6 X 2.33 = 14V)
CV Stage:
    Charging current starts to decreasing with respect to time
  • End of this stage - Batteries reaches 80% charge
  • Till then it reaches 3 % of battery capacity.
FRC Stage:
    Finish Rate Charge Cycle charges the batteries at 3% of battery capacity [25 min]
  • Voltage level of 2.55V / Cell
  • In this stage the battery is fully charged to its capacity [With additional 15 to 20% capacity stored in the same batteries [@ compared to traditional algorithm]
Intelligent solar charger IC with Algorithm Battery life improved by 30% [Vs Other MCU based chargers]

Equalize and Auto equalizes.

Approach intelligently prevents single cell failure in the battery and it is considered very key feature in solar charging module

The IC also has a feature of auto equalize [Life time of battery increased / Ensuring proper functioning of equalize mode at regular interval]

  • Demonstrable boards for all power levels [Short product development & reference design]
  • Board with complete technical supports
  • Schematic / BOM / Gerber files
Basic stand alone to High end of GMS monitoring system design
  • Single chip solution and easy implementation
  • Cost effective and compact form factor
  • Shorter development and manufacturing cycle
  • Long Battery life
Link for product data:
Manufactures Components
Microchip MCU
NXP Interface
ROHM Switch mode Charger
ROHM Sic Devices
TOSHIBA Power Devices
TDK/Epcos Passive
Degson Connector
Everlight Indication LED
KOSHIN Electrolytic
SAMWA ELECTRIC Capacitor / Inductor /EMI Filter
Swaytronics Swaytronics